History of Evans Fishbar

The shop changed from being an Iron Mongers shop sometime around the end of the Second World War.

Originally run by the local Pugh family, the chip shop has stayed local through the the years being owned by the Higg’s, Owen’s, Morgan’s, Benbow’s, Evans’s and now by the Hind’s Family.

In 1994 Lorraine and Chris took over the Chip Shop at 24 China Street, Llanidloes. They undertook a complete refurbishment extending the shop and creating a bright and spacious dining area.

Then in 2022 Nathan and Kate took over the Chip Shop at 24 China Street, Llanidloes starting the next chapter for the Chip Shops History.

Decorated in tasteful Blue and Pink, with Chrome / Stainless Steel fittings the shop is modern and chic.

The owners are proud of their shop, and the standards they adhere to are high.

They hold a 5 Star award for hygiene and deliver quality to every customer from Fish and Chips for one to delivering 150 portions for a local wedding.

Evans Fishbar

We have great reviews on Trip Advisor, for Nathan and Kate it is important to keep the traditional service with a smile that Evans’s Fish Bar is known for.